My Personal Story Dealing with Zamora & Associates

Gustavo Zamora Jr. being lead into a
Chile courtroom in handcuffs

Questionable International Child Recovery Services

In an effort to recover my son, I hired Gus Zamora, from (Zamora and Associates). I gave him $70,000 of my life savings, on his promise to get my child back. I now realize that handing over the money was an act of desperation on my part, and perhaps a foolish act.

I first contacted Gustavo Zamora, via e-mail through one of his many websites, mostly all of them now, shut down. Gus indicated that he had had quite a high degree of success in retrieving 55 children who had been abducted, so he claimed. Over the next few months he kept asking me for more and more money. He told me that he had to spend a lot of time in the Philippines, trying to arrange a complicated plan to bring back my son, using a hired boat to another country. He said that to do this, he would have to spend time just being a tourist, getting his presence accepted, etc. on my dime. Having paid quite a lot of money, I foolishly kept on paying, hoping that it would eventually pay off and I would some day be reunited with my son. Gus showed his true colours when he told me that for the past three months he had accomplished nothing and had no leads. In a last ditch effort; Gus suggested that we both go to Japan to look for a boat. I paid all the expenses for both of us to go to Japan and I ended up with Lost Gustavo Zamora Jr. standing at the airport with no plan in mind what so ever.

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